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Date(s) - 21/02/2018
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Alliance française du Bengale


A puppets and shadows play from France
Created by Cie CREA and CLASH


Mirko, a young maple leaf, awakens to life. Very quickly, different encounters will give it the desire to leave its home. Here seasons are considered as the different stages of life for this small leaf which only dreams of one thing : flying with the wind. A visual and musical play where shadow theater, puppets and dance meet within a poetic atmosphere. Emotions are born from movement, little gestures without a single word. An original background which draws one’s imagination wandering no matter how old you are.


The Mirko play was born from the meeting between two artists with vastly different experiences and technics. On one hand, Claude Béatrix is a dancer and choreographer for whom body language is essential for a story’s staging. On the other, Aude Maréchal is a puppeteer who thinks that poetry finds its essence in images and who plays with shadows, lights and evolving puppets. Mirko is composed of a wide variety of art forms which takes the audience from one surprise to another. It is also a playbased on a scale array : you go from small to big through puppets, costumes, shadows or dance. Finally, thanks to its uniqueness and its artistic diversity the show’s aesthetic draws the eye while each and everyone can read in it her or his own story.


Created and played by

Claude Béatrix is a choreographer and a contemporary dancer who worked for the following companies : Montalvo Hervieu, Karine Saporta, Wind of Sun, Go Back. She held a wide range of encounters and learned capoeira, hip hop, acrobatic dance, Indian dance, etc. As a choreographer, she created for the Clash Company The Bed of Procrustes, The Line, The Head of the Hawk, History of Them, Soon tomorrow, On Off1, On Off2, A Flower of Flesh, Myosotis, Tjeu, Bonhomme Misère. She collaborates on numerous artistic projects, plays, performances, choreographies and musical shows such as Live international by Laurent Garnier. She is regularly invited to events like the Caen Parade, the Medieval Festival of Bayeux and she teaches many courses.

Aude Maréchal is a director, actress and puppeteer. She acquired her skills at the Black Butterfly Theater in Caen and the Theater School of Paris. She worked with C. Venturini, Dominique Pitoiset, Colette Louvois, Michel Bajeux, Danielle Netter and Martin Delavenne. She is currently playing all over France and abroad like in India, Morocco, Thailand, São Tomé, Nepal or Slovenia. Since 2006, she is trained in puppetry art by Colette Garrigan, Elisabetta Potasso, Rowland Buys and Monique Calzas. In 2008 she created Pacotille an international play. For 10 years now, alongside other artists, she has been promoting a mix of techniques to serve original creations. Her latest pieces are Mirko, La Traverse (theatre, dance and nouveau cirque), Mission H2O (interactive theater), Little Planet (theater and animated forms) .

Lighting and set designer
Didier Maréchal

45 mn

General audiences

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