1883 – “The National Association for the promotion of the French language in the colonies and abroad” was created under the aegis of the ambassador, Paul Cambon.

1884 – The 10th of March is the exact date of foundation of the Alliance française de Paris. Several distinguished names feature on its Council of Administration, such as, Ferdinand de Lesseps, Louis Patseur, Ernest Renan, Jules Verne, Armard Colin…

Barcelona was the first European Alliance française and the network in Spain started to expand very rapidly. Africa also jumped on the bandwagon, as a pioneering branch of the Alliance française opened in Senegal. Another branch opens later in Mauritius in the same year. Afterwards due to the joint efforts by a group of friends, an Alliance française is set up in Mexico.

1886 – The Alliance française was recognised officially by the government.

1889 – Asia swiftly followed the general trend, creating the first Alliance française in Asia: in Pondicherry (India).

Alliance francaise de Pondichery is among the first Alliances in the world after the one in Paris. Alliance francaise of Pondicherry is part of a large network of 16 such institutions in India. The General Supervisory body of the Alliance françaises in India, based in Delhi, coordinates these 16 bodies and chalks out their common strategies. Alliance Française of Pondicherry is an association formed under the local law. Its revenue comes from the course fees and membership fees. The French Embassy and the General Supervisory body of all the Alliance Françaises in India, the French Foreign Affiars Ministry and its operators contribute each year by sponsoring the cultural shows.

1940 – The Alliance Francaise was founded in Calcutta at 19 and 24 Park Mansions, 57A Parkl Street.

1999 – Unfortunately a fire ravaged the century-old building. As a result, Alliance francaise was shifted to two buildings: Khaleel Munzil, 217 A.J.C. Bose Road and 3 West Range.

2005 – A new Society, The French Association, is created replacing the Alliance française.

2007 – The French Association is renamed and becomes the Alliance française du Bengale.

2014 – Alliance francaise du Bengale came back at 57A Park Street, Park Mansions, Gate 3, Flat 15, Kolkata- 700016.

2020 – On 18th January 2020, the new space of Alliance francaise du Bengale along with Jit Paul Auditorium were inaugurated by his Excellency, Ambassador of France in India, Mr. Emmanuel Lenain and Ms Shirin Paul of Apeejay Surrendra Group.