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With the Moroccan Author, Hanae Bezad
presented by
Alliance française du Bengale 
on the occasion of the Francophonie month

Date: March 13, 2024
Time: 6:30 PM onwards
Alliance française du Bengale 
57A Park Street, Park Mansions, Gate-3, Flat-15, Kolkata- 700016

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About The Author
Hanae Bezad is a successful female entrepreneur who has forged a career in the tech start up space and in non-profits. As a young Muslim Moroccan, she has had to create her own rules for success. She has worked as a consultant in 32 countries across Africa and spends half her time on the continent, engaging with senior African policy makers and leading companies. A number of different global business brands have helped finance the making of this book.

About the book
Being Other is for all ambitious creative young women who might feel that they don’t belong in a mostly white, mostly male corporate world. It’s for women who want to make a difference, who want to succeed – and who want to stay true to themselves at the same time.
Through poignant case studies, convincing data and the author’s own life story, the contents will paint a cogent narrative of what is happening for women of color and why it is important to the rest of the world.