Are you going to study in France or in any of the Francophone Countries & Do you need your documents to be translated into French? Or are you emigrating to the land of the French? Getting married soon?

Looking for the translation of your social certificates ( for example Birth, Marriage, Notary Academic certificates, etc.) from English/Hindi/ Bengali to French or vice-versa?

Alliance française du Bengale (AfdB), exclusively authorized by the Embassy of France in India is the only official one-stop solution for quality translation and interpretation service in West Bengal and in the Eastern region of India. The translation department of AfdB provides French-English, English- French, and Hindi/Bengali- French translation services.

The cell has established strong and trustworthy relationships with individuals and a number of premium corporate clients by serving translation assignments and interpreting assistance for various domains ranging from finance, technology, sales, and marketing to legal, pedagogy, engineering, software, manufacturing, etc.  Interpretation service is available for phone conversations, business meetings, conferences, tours, and travels.

Each of the documents is verified after translation with utmost care in order to ensure accuracy, presented in the requested format with the stamp of the Embassy of France in India, and delivered as per set schedules while maintaining a strict code of confidentiality.

To know more about translation and interpretation, email at [email protected] or call at  (+91) 90 07 39 09 16


Monday-Friday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm


Tariff :

Terms and Conditions:
  • One page is of maximum an A4 size paper, including stamps. Extra words will be charged.                               
  • The Original document should be demonstrated to the person in charge. (subject to change as per situation)
  • A translated certificate is not acceptable for translation.
  • Full payment is required in advance at the time of submitting the documents.
  • For technical, legal, specific, or long (over 5 pages) translation, the delivery date of the translation service is to be confirmed by the translator.
  • Alliance française du Bengale translates the submitted document and is not liable for the authenticity of the document.


Tariff :

Terms and Conditions:
  • Written information on the topic of expected service must be submitted 7 working days in advance (applicable for on-the-spot professional interpretation).
  • Written itinerary/plan/schedule indicating the duration of the expected services must be submitted before finalizing the contract.
  • Profile of the organization/clientèle must be submitted in advance.
  • The service is available for a minimum duration of 1 hour.
  • The service hours will be calculated by meeting the client’s official representative at the scheduled time.
  • The service must be confirmed at least 10 working days in advance by depositing 70% of the estimated charge.