About Novembre Numérique: 

November Digital, the international festival of digital cultures, has become in five years a regular meeting of the French cultural network abroad, at the service of innovation and the promotion of digital cultures.

This event is growing every year, with programs offered in more than 80 countries and 130 cities in 2022. This strong mobilization demonstrates the commitment of the Institut français and the French cultural network abroad to promote access for all to new technologies, to promote the diversity of French digital creation, and to build lasting partnerships with foreign professionals.

The events organized in the establishments of the cultural network or those of its partners, in situ or online, make it possible to highlight French innovation in the field of digital creation – virtual and augmented reality, video games, new narratives, art digital, audiovisual performances, immersive theater, etc. – and report on the digital transformation of network establishments.

At the time of the metaverse, NFTs, and artificial intelligence, Novembre Numérique aims more broadly to promote an international dialogue between creators, professionals in the sector, and the public around new uses and digital challenges.

Event  1:

Webinar: The digital, a vector of equality?In  conversation  with  Gayatri  Kodikal  &  Isabelle  Arvers

Event 2: 

Screening of Ex-Aequo followed by a conversation with Paul Walsh and journalist, Priyam Marik.

About: Four inspiring stories of professional athletes facing discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation and disability. A podium without filter and without hierarchy, in ten episodes, redistributing the floor to those who claim loud and clear their right to be ranked Ex Aequo!
As a part of Novembre Numérique, Alliance Française du Bengale presents a Film screening and artist’s talk on 16th November, 2022, 6:30 PM onwards at Alliance Française du Bengale.
The screening will be followed by a conversation between Paul Walsh, owner of Jungle Crows and journalist, Priyam Marik.
Open to all.

Event 3: 

Screening of Chef.fe followed by conversation with Chaitali Ganguly and journalist, Aheli Banerjee.

About: Within the framework of Novembre Numérique, an international celebration of digital culture curated by the French Network, Alliance Française du Bengale presents film screening on Lucie Leguay, a young female conductor of orchestra and artist’s talk on 21st November, 2022, from 6:30 pm onwards at the auditorium of Alliance Française du Bengale. Lucie Leguay a young female conductor, has been defying the age old tradition of male conductors in orchestras. She deploys her talents within several orchestras as assistant conductor of the Orchester national d’Île-de-France, the Orchester National de Lille, and the Picardy Orchestra. Chef.fe showcases her everyday life and journey to be a female conductor. Post-screening distinguished panelist Ms Chaitali Ganguly- Head of Western Music and Peforming Arts Section, Calcutta School of Music will be engaging in an conversation around the inequality in the field of Music with Ms Aheli Banerjee, Journalist, Times of India.
Open to all.

Event 4:

PIAFS ! (augmented reality)

Grumpy, in a hurry or romantic, Parisians are funny birds. Errratum and Maison
Tangible invite artists from different backgrounds to sketch with humor the clichés
around Parisians. Under the prism of augmented reality, each visual comes to life
and imagines multiple ways of seeing the city dwellers.

Venue : Alliance Française du Bengale

Date : 14th November to 30th November