The curriculum used in Alliance française du Bengale is based on the Common European Framework of reference for Languages (CEFR).


Elementary Level A1: For complete beginners. You will be able to communicate in daily life, speak about yourself, your work, your family, your hobbies and your immediate environment. 2 sessions of 8 weeks each.

Intermediate Level A2: Communication with a wider range of grammatical structures and vocabulary. You will understand different types of written documents and you will be able to talk about past and future plans. 2 sessions of 8 weeks each.

A1 Elementary 2 levels of 60 hours Saison 1 120 hrs
A2 Intermediate 2 levels of 60 hours Saison 2 120 hrs




Advanced Level B1: Communicate in a more organized way in order to deal with matters related to social issues in France: give your opinion and maintain a discussion. 4 sessions of  8 weeks each.

Advanced Level B2: Communicate more autonomously by using a wider range of expressions, vocabulary and written skills. Higher degree of independent usage. 4 sessions of 8 weeks each.

B1 Advanced 1 4 levels of 57.5 hours Saison 3
230 hrs
B2 Advanced 2 4 levels of 56 hours Saison 4
224 hrs


Superior Level C1: Communicate fluently with creative talent on various aspects of French culture and civilization. Appropriate and fluent expression. 4 sessions of 8 weeks.

Superior Level C2: Very advanced level of communication. You are able to understand and speak about every subject without any difficulties, including technical and academic issues. 4 sessions of 8 weeks.

C1 Advanced 1 4 levels of 60 hours   240 hrs
C2 Advanced 2 4 levels of 60 hours   240 hrs