Admin Staff

Director’s Office

Director Mr. Fabrice PLANÇON
Executive Assistant to the Director (Administration and Translation) Ms Moitrayee DHAR

Language and Academic

Deputy Director Ms Tiphaine MAYRAN
Courses and Exams Coordinator Mrs. Bhawna LAMA
Course Counsellor Mr. Jacques BARTZ

Cultural and Communication

Head of Culture Mrs. Shubhi MALIK
Communication Ms Harshveer KAUR
Communication and Design Ms Juliette MARQUES

Media Library

Media Librarian Ms Namrata GHOSH

Finances and Accounts

Accountant & Administrative Officer Ms Rachna GUPTA

Front Office

Reception and Client Relation (Senior) Mr. Samrat BHADURI
Reception and Client Relation (Junior) Ms Subhadra SAHA
Supervisor-Maintenance and Logistics Mr. Ronald SHAH

Campus France Desk Office

Campus France Desk Officer Mr. Sourav BHOWMIK

Service Staff

Polyvalent Employee Mr. John PILLAI
Maintenance Staff Mr. Suresh PAL BLAMIKI

Security Staff

Security Staff Mr.Francis MOVIN
Security Staff Mr. Ashish BHATTACHARJEE