Laurent Reyes (representing FRANCE)

After working at the news magazine Marianne as journalist, then editor-in-chief and administrator of the website in 2006, he became an international volunteer at the French Embassy in India from 2008 to 2010, in charge of academic cooperation in West Bengal and the Northeastern States. At the same time, he pursued the activities of a journalist and a photographer for different entities, including aujourd’hui l’Inde and
After the time at the International Relations Department of the University of La Réunion in 2011, he returned to Lyon to devote himself entirely as a freelance writer, photographer and filmmaker. He directed his first feature documentary in 2014: Tranquille sous le pont /Quiet under the Bridge. It is a self-produced film of 61 minutes, a social chronicle of three young Albanians seeking asylum in Lyon.

Ida Roscher (representing GERMANY)

Ida Roscher will work towards developing strategies for examining social relations in an intercultural environment. She can imagine to work with the situation of living with the other residents by documenting relations of different cultures, e.g. between image and practice, or between producing and using art as well as the moments of conflict between “arts”, “politics”, and “the everyday”. She would also like to capture the process of social relations in terms of the idea of working and living together.
She has studied art and criminological social research. She is interested in societal forms and norms and the questions of common actions/operations in times of individualism. Using different formats (sculpture but also performance and installation), her examination of chancing societal structures tries to fathom their interdependency and where and how they get noticeable. She also works in the collaboration model COPS (Corporation Of People’s Situations) & ES.

Harendra Kumar Kushwaha (representing INDIA)

With full respect in the conventional modes of painting, he initially started working with various mediums like acrylic, oil, pastel, mixed media and watercolours. While these set of mediums presented their own lure and pictorial possibilities what ultimately stuck to him is the notion of “making” rather than a finished object. This reliance on the idea of “process”, the unfinished and the “continuous” led him to explore the elastic possibilities of various materials, like fabric (especially denims), paper strips etc. among a host of others. These trysts with the material led him to explore various skill set and processes like weaving and stitching often fabricating them over pre-existing found objects replicating it in its dimensional modalities and facets.
These activities ultimately stretched the torsion flexibility of these materials leading to the formation of various structural composites.