Cultural Events

Ballade Au Crayon Noir : Where Heritage Meets Life

Program More than a month long exhibition of French illustrator-sculptor, Jacques Servieres’s black and white sketches that bring out the eccentric aspects of Kolkata and Chandernagore About the Artist A retired teacher of play therapy in Public Psychology Centre for kids, Jacques found his passion in illustration and sculpting. He created the open air sculptre garden on the banks of the river ... Read More »

Seminar | Gandhi & Rolland : A Quest for Peace in Troubled Times

Program: It is considered that Romain Rolland was one of Gandhi’s first and most effective European popularizers. Rolland took an interest in Gandhi in the years after the First World War, when he was seeking new ways out of the dire situation in which European Civilization found itself. Their friendship came to a climax when Gandhi visited Rolland in Switzerland, ... Read More »