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Cultural Events

The Monsoon Ball by the Kolkata International Women’s Club

The Alliance française du Bengale is pleased to circulate the announcement by the Kolkata International Women Club (KIWC) that the latter’s Annual Gala Dinner is to be held at the Hyatt Regency Kolkata on Saturday 03 September 2016. The price of this gourmet dinner in an evening full of glamour is Rs.4000/=; all profits will be donated to NGOs supported ... Read More »


After Paris and before Québec, Trimukhi Platform launches at the ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DU BENGALE the first of its yearly publication on contemporary arts practices. This first issue (196 pages) includes texts and digital works by 21 artists and scholars from India, France, Spain, England, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador and Canada. The purpose is concrete and simple: stimulating ... Read More »

Cine club : Le Voyage Extraordinaire

A movie by Serge Bromberg, Éric Lange – 2010 Documentary by Serge Bromberg and Éric Lange, Le Voyage Extraordinaire is about the history of the great movie A Trip to the Moon and its creator, Georges Méliès, and the very first years of what we still used to call at that time the “cinematograph” Read More »

Zecchini : a French pianist in the Bengali Monsoon

Maxime Zecchini is a French pianist, winner of many prizes all over the world. He has played in Paris as well as in numerous festivals and concerts in France and abroad. Maxime Zecchini is an eclectic musician: he has orchestrated music for television, and directed musicals. Fascinated with composition since early childhood, and is the composer of numerous original works ... Read More »

when geometry, probability theory and calculus of variations happily meet

In case you miss the first conference by our French mathematician on Friday 26th August 2016 or if you wish to listen to him again on another topic, please join us for the second talk of Professor Cedric Villani on 29 August, at Monday Colloquium (4:15 pm, Room NAB1, Ground Floor, Kolmogorov Bhavan, Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata). On this occasion, ... Read More »

Of triangles, gases, prices and men : a Talk by Prof. Cedric Villani

It is a great pleasure to invite you to the public lecture by Prof. Cedric Villani  at 4 PM on 26th August 2016, to be held in the Platinum Jubilee Auditorium of Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.   Of triangles, gases, prices and men   Abstract: This is the story of the encounter of three a priori unrelated fields: non-Euclidean geometry and the study of curvature; the statistical theory ... Read More »

Cine club : L’Ombre des Femmes

A movie by Philippe Garel – 2014 Pierre and Manon are poor. They make documentaries and live by doing some small works. Pierre meets a young intern, Elisabeth, who become his mistress. The problem is that Pierre doesn’t want to leave Manon for Elisabeth, he wants to keep both. One day Elisabeth discovers that Manon has also a relationship with ... Read More »

The Lemetre Way

‘Music makes theatre bearable”- Jean Jacques Lemetre.   We are delighted to announce a workshop by legendary French singer, songwriter, musician, composer, music director & luthier : Mr. Jean Jacques Lemetre. The workshop will be on composing, playing & directing music for the stage and films. The workshop is open to all stages of musicians, singers, music director and is a ... Read More »

Cine club : Bébé Tigre

A movie by Cyprien Vial – 2014 Bébé Tigre is Many. He is seventeen years old. He lives in France since two years old and has the same life as all teenager of his age. He spends his time between school, friends and his girlfriend. Suddenly his parents who stayed in India gave him some responsibility who puts him in danger. Read More »

Cine club : Ridicule

A movie by Patrice Leconte – 1995 Ponceludon de Malavoy left for Versailles to present a project of sanitation but he doesn’t find any support for those who are close to the king. He nevertheless is seen thanks to his mind and his skills in the art of talking. The marquis de Bellegarde who wish to use him to be ... Read More »