Why learn French with us?

The unifying thread of the method used in Alliance française du Bengale corresponds to the “savoir-faire” described in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The aim is to enable students with strong skills in communication through the learning of four specific skills: oral and written comprehension / oral and written production.

Using a communicative approach of the French language, the teachers of Alliance française du Bengale help students to improve their French skills (grammar, vocabulary, conjugation, phonetics) in very specific situations by offering insights of French culture, mentality and way of life.


B2 students in one of our classrooms equipped with a smartboard.


One of our teachers (Trinanjan Chakraborty) sitting at the back of his C1 class to bring the focus on the student speaking.

The teaching method is updated with the recent university research made on didactics and pedagogy in the field of “French as a Foreign Language”. Learning French by having fun is one of our priorities. This does not put a barrier to a rigorous teaching though. Each month, the teachers organize an internal assessment in order to get to know better the needs of their students and to prepare them more accurately for the DELF and DALF examinations.


Saison is a textbook focusing on modern communication teaching technique. Students are immersed in daily life situations and are provided with several tools to develop their written and oral skills, whether it be in comprehension or in production.

Here is an interactive method which offers a good insight into the francophone cultures through authentic documents and different thematics. The textbook and workbook also enable the students to evaluate themselves and have a good preparation for the DELF exams.

Alter Ego 5 is the textbook used for C1 level. Just like Saison books, it has been designed to promote a more communicative approach in going further into French language learning.


Students are required to have a textbook (CD included) and a workbook for each level of instruction. They are available at our reception desk (except Alter Ego 5)

Book details Set of Books Fees
Saison 1 (A1) Rs. 900
Saison 2 (A2) Rs. 950
Saison 3 (B1) Rs. 1000
Saison 4 (B2) Rs.1200
Alter ego 5 (only textbook) Not sold in AfdB

Saison offers an application on Ipad and Android for more exercises, at an extra cost.