The Alliance Française would like to pay tribute to the journalists of Charlie Hebdo who died at the hands of terrorists yesterday in Paris.

ami charlie

One of them, Tignous was part of the Kolkata Book Fair in 2005.

He described to a newspaper his first contact with the city of Kolkata, the famous ‘tut tut’, the honking of horns and rickshaws “When we stepped out of the airport, we were hit by this maddening sound. In France, when you blow the horn, it is a sign of aggression. Here, it is a mode of communication” and his attraction for the lively atmosphere of the city “I love the crowd here. There is nothing like this in France“.

Here are some of his cartoons drawn on the occasion of the Book Fair in 2005.






Tignous cartoon

Tut Tut Pouet Pouet TignousTTPP Coffee House


Tut Tut Pouet Pouet