Type: Event
Location: SRFTI
City: Kolkata
Date: Thu, 2011/12/15 – 5:30pm
Price: Free
Category: Film screening
Duration: 6 Days
Alliance francaise du Bengale
in collaboration with
Calcutta Cine Institute
cordially invites you to the
French Film Festival
of the New Directors
at SRFTI auditorium
From 15th to 21st December 2011

–          15/12 5:30pm  La Petite Jérusalem by Karin Albou – 2004 – 94’A beautiful Jewish young woman still living with her orthodox family in a Parisian suburb, falls in love with a Muslim co-worker.


–          16/12 5:30pm La Fille du RER by André Téchiné – 2008 – 105’

A drama centered on a young woman who claims she was the target of an anti-Semetic attack and the subsequent media sensation it creates.



–          17/12 4:00pm La Belle Noiseuse by Jacques Rivette – 1991 – 238’

The former famous painter Frenhofer lives quietly with his wife on his countryside residence in the French Provence. When the young artist Nicolas visits him with his girlfriend Marianne, Frenhofer decides to start again the work on a painting he long ago stopped: La Belle Noiseuse. And he wants Marianne as model. The now starting creative process changes life for everyone. It is a struggle for truth, life and sense, and the question where the limits of arts are or whether art is limitless.


–          19/12 5:30pm Le Couperet by Costa Gavras  – 2004 – 122’

A chemist (Garcia) loses his job to outsourcing. Two years later and still jobless, he hits on a solution: to genuinely eliminate his competition.


–          20/12 5:30pm L’Esquive by Abdel Kechiche – 2002 – 117’

Abdelkrim, called Krimo, fifteen, lives in a housing project in the Paris suburbs. He shares with his mother, who works in a supermarket, and his father, in prison, adream fragile from a boat at the end of the world.
Meanwhile, he drags his boredom in a daily commonplace to city with his best friend, Eric, and their group of friends. It’s spring and Krimo falls in love with hisclassmate Lydia, a lively and mischievous chatterbox …


–          21/12 5:30pm Welcome by Philippe Lioret – 2009 – 110’

Bilal is 17 years old, a Kurdish boy from Iraq. He sets off on an adventure-filled journey across Europe. He wants to get to England to see his love who lives there. The community of struggling illegal aliens in Calais is captured with authenticity, from the point of view of people who arrived there knowing nothing about France. This immigrant drama, with wonderful performances by the actors, is a strong story which uses documentary austerity and minimalist style to create a great emotional impact

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