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Date(s) - 11/09/2015
3:00 pm - 7:00 pm



On 11 September 2015 Alliance française du Bengale presents a projection and interactive conference on “L’urgence de ralentir”, “The Invisible (R)evolution”.

Philippe Borel is a film director & documentary film maker;  his current project “L’Urgence de ralentir” was made for the franco-german channel ARTE.
Frise photos _L'urgence de ralentir_
“We’ve entered into the era of global acceleration. Speed and immediacy have become society’s norm, at work first of all, but also in daily life. It has led to a world in which the human being has lost his/her sense of reference and become exhausted. Intoxicated by technological acceleration, or by the fear of exclusion, we try and keep up. And we are drawn ahead, like sleepwalkers, towards an ecological, economic and social catastrophe, of which we are well aware.

Some of us, individually or collectively, have decided to oppose this acceleration march, choosing to opt for a slower rhythm, reoccupying time in order to “live well”. Every day, they work towards giving real meaning to time and to the way in which one lives with it, looking at the simple verbs, such as, cultivating, feeding, producing, constructing, educating, healing, creating, sharing, communicating, through their very actions… Outside of the dominant model, on the margins and beyond media coverage, they are perhaps already contributing to the new world of tomorrow. ”