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Date(s) - 16/01/2015 - 17/01/2015
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The Alliance française du Bengale, in association with FREED (Force for Rural Empowerment and Economic Development, a non-governmental organisation) is organizing PACOTILLE, a show with handheld human-sized puppets made from old newspaper, for the first time in BISHNUPUR.

In fact, as its name indicates, the Alliance française du Bengale also aims to increase its scope beyond the city of Kolkata : after Darjeeling last year with the excellent contemporary dance show BUDDHA, we have decided to bring this Puppet Theatre to Bishnupur, where countryside meets history, and to give you the chance to not only  discover French talent but also the temple city of Bishnupur, recommended as a UNESCO WORL HERITAGE SITE,  which does indeed provide space and sanctuary to beautiful terracotta art & temples along with the weaving of Baluchari silk, handmade playing cards, conch shell items, lanterns and its own tradition of Classical Music. The heritage crafts of Dokra and terracotta village of Panchmura are also adjacent to Bishnupur, once part of the Malla Kingdom.

The programme will start with CHAU dancers and Snake-charmers!the-village-snake-charmer-16827


Considering the distance, we suggest you to take up  an exceptional package for the trip, including transport by bus, meals and accommodation. By choosing this option, you will be able to visit the sites on the 16th afternoon, and on the 17th morning. For details, please contact : Saikat CHAKRABORTY, 9830684877




images-1What is Pacotille ?

A bundle on his shoulder, a suitcase in his hand, this is how the vagabond presents himself in all his simplicity. He is living his everyday life, as usual. But one morning this simple life changes when he stumbles upon a little strange box which proves to offer to him everything that he desires.

After the first opening of the box nothing is usual anymore. A new world is opening up and the vagabond finds himself thrown into the middle of characters made out of old newspaper.


They are five and they bond with the little man, out of friendship, interest, amusement or in other ways.

Pacotille is a visual, musical and poetic play where meetings, chases, misunderstandings, sleights of hand succeed each other in an unbridled rhythm.

. Their characters are developing while meeting the actress on stage.

These confrontations give the show a certain rhythm and bring to mind the world of cartoons.

The idea of the play was to use simple materials (old newspaper and second hand clothes) and to create something that isn’t fixed, which allows everyone to have their own image and to lose themselves in their own dreams.