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Date(s) - 31/10/2015 - 02/11/2015
12:00 am

Bimal Villa


Marko traces his first lines on the walls of the city he grew up in, Saint Denis. Late 1980s, when the Hip Hop movement emerges and anchors rapidly in the outskirts of major cities: Marko adopts graffiti as a means of expression. This was the era of the walls of cities, vague spaces, railway tracks where he places his paintings, sprays, and delivers slices of life in this suburb that he lives in. Great tangle of letters, realistic scenes, caricatures or freestyle, he learns to master all the techniques.
Initially influenced by American styles, he quickly forges his own identity with the discovery of Arabic calligraphy, which he appropriates to himself and reinvents the early 1990s. With the “calligraffisme” the reed becomes a bomb with a modified tip; the gesture, always full and accurate becomes more nervous. This abstract style, which mixes calligraphy, urbanity and spontaneity, make him a key emerging figure in the graffiti scene.r0YlIY9fVFKz6VJU8fBxm1zwcQHZkZLFyuB4sQWOYMo
But if street art enters galleries in the late 1990s, Marko travels the world. Discovery of new pictorial and human horizons; Walls; he even moves on to painting the body; His figures, complex and aerial cover the club dancers from Rio to Hong Kong.The early 2000s marked a turning point, as his art affirms. He adapts a photographic process for capturing the movements of light – attempted half a century earlier by Man Ray and Picasso- and built his first paintings of gestures, colors and light. This is the “light painting”, he is the pioneer and he popularizes it: he elaborates the video process and develops a unique technique to paint live space. Marko now operates worldwide. Artistic residencies, collaborations, wall interventions, video light painting, workshop facilitation, he sows his unique aesthetic and illuminating sensitivity around the world, through institutional and private commissions.

He will create light paintings for all Kolkatan people on Princep Gath & a graffiti for Alliance française du Bengale on its red building of Beck Bagan.