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Date(s) - 14/01/2015 - 18/01/2015
12:00 am

Nandan III


The Alliance Francaise du Bengale, in collaboration with MyFrenchFilmFestival.com and the Federation of Film Societies of India (Eastern Region) is pleased to be  bringing some of the most recent and popular French language films  to Kolkata on the occasion of the first French Film Festival of 2015  at Nadan III from 14 to 18 January 2015.

The programme is as follows :

Wednesday, 14th :

  • 4 pm : Molii, directed by Hakim Zouhani, Yassine Qnia, Carine May, Mourad Boudaoud (short film)

moliiSteve is well into his twenties. This evening, he has to replace his father, guard of the municipal swimming pool. Everything goes according to plan, until the young man hears unusual noises.


followed by Bright days ahead, directed by Marion Vernoux

images-26Caroline has retired, at last. A new life lies before her: time to take care of her children, her husband, and, most of all, herself. However, she soon comes to realize that this new freedom is synonymous with boredom and idleness.Caroline gradually takes control of her life again and lives a second youth.Who said that retirement was the beginning of the end and not a new beginning?


  • 6 pm : Shadow, directed by Lorenzo Recio (short film)

shadowTaipei. Xiao Shou is a shy boy who works as itinerant exhibitor of shadows. One day, he meets the sublime Ann with whom he immediately falls in love. But a terrible accident is going to plunge the young man into a world of darkness before he is able to admit his love for her.


followed by In a rush, directed by Louis-Do de Lencquesaing

images-25Ada is settled in her life, she is pleased with it, or thinks she is. She is one half of a couple who seems happy, she’s had a child, is even due to get married, and then she meets Paul… Paul is a writer who lives alone with his grown daughter, has an exceedingly intrusive mother, and has the unfortunate idea of losing his father when this story has hardly got off the ground. Life starts to gather speed. It is about time.


Thursday, 15th:

  • 4 pm : Aïssa, directed by Clement Trehin-Lalanne (short film)

aissaAïssa is Congolese. She is in an illegal immigrant in France. She says that she is under eighteen, but the authorities consider her as an adult. To determine if she can be deported, a doctor is going to examine her anatomy.


followed by Certified Copy, directed by Abbas Kiarostami

Certified-Copy-PosterThis is the story of a meeting between one man and one woman, in a small Italian village in Southern Tuscany. The man is a British author who has just finished giving a lecture at a conference. The woman, from France, owns an art gallery. This is a universal story that could happen to anyone, anywhere.


  • 6 pm : The return, directed by Yohann Kouam (short film)

the-returnIt has been a year since his older brother has left and Willy, fifteen, is waiting impatiently for him to come home. He thinks he knows everything about Theo, but shortly after his return, he discovers a secret about him.


followed by 18 years old and rising, directed by Frederic Louf

images-27The day before May 10, 1981, Primo and Gabrielle, 18 years old, meet each other. Gabrielle is part of the Parisian bourgeoisie. He is the son of provincial shopkeepers. Dazzled by Gabrielle’s charm and the girls around her, Primo invents a new pedigree for himself, lies a lot, and compensates for his empty pockets with his daring moves and his imagination.


Friday, 16th:

  • 4 pm : A day out in Paris, directed by Carine May, Hakim Zouhani (short film)

a-day-out-in-parisMourad, twenty, gets along between drama classes, and going out with his buddies and girlfriend. Today, he decides to leave his district to go to a writing workshop in Paris. But the initiative will turn out to be more complicated than planned.


followed by Vandal, directed by Helier Cisterne

vandalChérif is 15, a rebellious and solitary teenager. Unable to cope, his mother decides to send him to live with his aunt and uncle in Strasbourg, where he must pick up his vocational training to become a builder. It’s his last chance. But very quickly, Chérif feels like he’s suffocating in his new life, while every night, graffiti artists set to work on the walls of the city. A new world opens up to him…


  • 6 pm : Guy Moquet, directed by Demis Herenger (short film)

guy-moquetGuy Moquet or Guimo or Guim’s promissed Ticky to kiss him at dusk in front of everybody, right in the middle of the neighborhood. Maybe not that crazy? But surely not that simple.


followed by Breathe, directed by Melanie Laurent

breatheCharlie is 17 years old. She is at that age where life is all about hanging out with friends; emotions, convictions, passions.
Sarah is the new girl in town. Beautiful, bold, with a history and a strong personality. A star from the get-go.
Sarah chooses Charlie.


Sunday, 18th:

  • 4 pm : Miss and the doctors, directed by Axelle Ropert

miss-and-the-doctorsBoris and Dimitri Pizarnik are doctors in Paris’s Chinese quarter. The two brothers work together and devote all their time to their patients. One night, they must treat a young diabetic girl being raised by her single mother, Judith. Both brothers fall in love with Judith and soon everything is turned upside down…


  • 6 pm : A place on earth, directed by Fabienne Godet

a-place-on-earthAntoine is a joyful but disenchanted photographer. His only true friend, Mateo, is 7 years old and the son of his neighbor, who is often absent. One day, he hears a piano sonata coming from the building across the courtyard. Mesmerized by the music, he becomes obsessed by Elena, the beautiful but mysterious pianist, and starts to photograph her at every opportunity. An intense relationship develops between fragile and idealistic Elena and Antoine, who is transformed by this encounter.