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October 24, 2018


About the Documentary:  Director: Amaldine Gay Genre: Documentary Duration: 122 minutes Year: 2017 The documentary films, without voiceover, 24 black women from European colonial history in Africa and the West Indies. It deals with their experience of the difference as a black woman and the clichés associated with them as "woman" and "black" in a perspective at the intersection of different discriminations.  Cine Club | OUVRIR LA VOIX

October 31, 2018

Cine Club | BARBARA

About the film: Director: Mathieu Amalric Genre: French drama film Duration:107 minutes Year: 2017 Brigitte is preparing for the role of the famous French singer Barbara. The actress carefully studies the character, gestures, manners, and intonations. She learns the music scores, mimics her facial expression, but, as Brigitte does and more and more of it, she gradually merges with the character. The director is also preparing to shoot the film: he studies archival footage and painstakingly selects the music. He is inspired and even possessed—but with Barbara or with her Read More...Cine Club | BARBARA

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