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May 23, 2018

Ciné Club : Tous au Larzac

Ciné Club MARCH 2018 Theme: May 1968 Date: Wednesday 23rd May 2018 Time : 6:00 PM Venue : Alliance française du Bengale, 57A Park Mansion, Park Street Tous au Larzac by Christian Rouaud (2010, 2h 00 min, documentary)  En 1971, le ministre de la Défense Michel Debré, déclare que le camp militaire du Larzac doit s’étendre. Radicale, la colère se répand comme une Read More......Ciné Club : Tous au Larzac


May 25, 2018

Mirrors of the Soul (Memory, History and Trauma)

Synopsis: (Mirrors of the Soul) "Mirrors of the Soul” is an intense journey that mirrors the deep-seated insecurities at the heart of the mystery of change as time passes along the maze called life. A savant climbs out of imprisonment. He wakes up shuddering on the thin rope between life and death, lost in utter darkness. He searches for light Read More......Mirrors of the Soul (Memory, History and Trauma)


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