Alliance française du Bengale
& Randhanu Natyamela


A human size puppet show by the CREA theatre company, directed by Aude Maréchal.
23rd January 2014 at 2 pm : Ritwik Sadan, Kalyani (50km from Kolkata)

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About the play

Bundle of clothes on the shoulder, suitcase in hand, so appears in all his simplicity the Tramp, who is going, as usual, to live his usual day.
But one morning, his everyday life changes as he finds a strange magic box that turns out to offer him what he wishes.
From the first opening of this magic box, nothing is usual anymore.
A new world opens and the Tramp finds himself amid characters of newspaper.
They are five to be bound to the small man by friendship, interest and amusement.

Director’s note

PACOTILLE (Cheap junk) is a show intended for the children and family. It is a completely musical show in which the spoken text leaves place for pantomime, comedy and choreography. So, meet the actor (the tramp) and puppets (human size, made of news paper). The show is based on a series of dozen scenes connected by a vital lead: a small magic box.
PACOTILLE was applauded in several International Festivals (Thailand, India, Slovenia, Nepal…)

Pacotille trailer

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