Online Courses

Stuck at home? Or having a busy schedule?

Living outside Kolkata?

Dreaming to travel in Switzerland or Africa?

Thinking about studying or working in Canada or France? Make your dreams come true.

Take a flight with us!

For the Beginners, Alliance française du Bengale is now offering a complete series of 100% online courses with weekly videoconferences, tutoring lessons and feedback under the guidance of our highly qualified and extremely well-trained team of teachers.

Thanks to the worldwide used platforms Zoom and Mon Alliance to make it happen.

Here is the opportunity for you to benefit from an exclusive online French course which will immerse you into the francophone culture with its highly interactive approach.  The latest teaching methodology and a wide range of authentic resources will be provided.

Fun and rigorous!      

High time to learn French, live French with Alliance française du Bengale.

Courses of A1.1 level are starting from 15th June 2020 for Weekdays & 20th June 2020 for Weekends.

It will be followed by A2, B1 & B2 levels on demand.

Join our Demo-classes either on 30th May(4:00pm), 3rd June(11:00am), 6th June(4:00pm), 10th June(11:00am) and 13th June(4:00pm).


* Until 6th June 2020, avail the Early Bird Offer (Rs. 1990/- waiver off as Registration Fees)

* Access to online version of the textbook will be provided upon the payment for course.                     

* The hard copy of the books can be purchased from AfdB or Online after the lock-down is over.                                                                                                            

To have a first-hand experience, click the link and register for FREE ONLINE DEMO CLASS !

For further details, email us at [email protected] or call us at +91 86 97 73 67 68.

We look forward to welcoming you soon at our online live & interactive platform!


Why Online Courses:
  • More tools and resources are available online and easy to access. Online courses facilitate the use of a huge diversities of authentic documents and supports which help to create an immersive learning area.
  • The navigation between different learning management system (Such as Mon Alliance) will be duly accompanied by the teacher who will share documents, will give you access to platforms, incorporate audio and videos materials and propose you some online training session.

Catch an exciting glimpse of our online interactive platform at

User Guide for online classes via Mon Alliance & Zoom

  • The resources sharing and global trainings of the teachers from Alliance française Paris and Institut française en Inde assure a content of very high quality which propose the latest technologies in terms of pedagogy.
  • Online courses allow more interaction and participation, especially for shy students.
  • Being at home also let you foster the ability to concentrate due to the control of your own environment. It is easy to attend. You don’t need to get up early or to be blocked hours in the traffic : the courses come to you !