City: Kolkata
Location: Kolkata
Date: Fri, 2013/06/21 – 11:30am – 11:00pm
Category: Festival
La Fête de la Musique, or World Music Day, is a global celebration that brings nations and generations together for a universal musical festival each June the 21st. World Music Day showcases musical diversity, offers free concerts for all, and turns the whole city into a potential musical stage.

This year, the Alliance française is planning events as follows (as of this morning, 62 bands have registered with us to be part of the Festival,  amongst them the Police band and the Classical Music society): 3 parades with vehicles carrying musicians from all fields of music will traverse Kolkata, stopping en route to perform at set venues. Also during the day, venues throughout the city, including cafés, schools, colleges, hospitals, art galleries, metro stations, malls and parks, will also stage concerts.

The road parades will terminate at the Rabindrah Sarobar lake area, which will be transformed into a festival venue with multiple live acts performing, and for those with the stamina, acts will continue in clubs all around the city.

The key words for this festival are popular and free: it is open to everyone and all musicians and venues are participating without fees.

We already have some major media partners signed up to provide important coverage: both Red FM and DhoomTV will give us slots on their daily programmes in the week preceding the event, and Inox Cinema will screen a slide before every film in all their cinemas for the ten days proceeding.

Our Facebook page on the event: where a trailer will give you an idea of the size of the event, a trailer which has been seen more than 2 500 times since last Friday!