The Alliance Francaise du Bengale, in partnership with The Saturday Club, Caring Minds and Open Doors, is delighted to present

Flagas’k in Concert

Since forming in 2006, this French band has been developing its own rich blend of French songs, brass, ska, reggae and rock. Although the band members are from disparate musical spheres, they are united by a passion for performance and a desire to embrace their audience in a shared event that adds humour and emotion to the music.

The band has toured extensively, playing in concerts and festivals throughout France, and released their first album in 2009.

The band members:

Paul Henri Ferchaud (Polo) : Basist, with a background in metal rock

Antoine Laveau (Champi): Guitarist and singer , influenced by Reggae and French folk

Jérémie Ferchaud: Keyboard, percussion and brass,  specializing in the trumpet

François Bienaimé (Folin):)  Keyboard , Ska  with a party sprirt!

Thomas Caillé: Guitarist and singer-songwriter

Paul François Ferchaud: Various musical instruments, specializing in Trombone

Brice Barbesange: Singer and guitarist, from a rock background


Saturday, 7th December, at 8 pm at the Saturday Club, 7 Wood Street, Kol 16

Entrance Free – Bar Coupons available