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Date(s) - 26/07/2018
7:00 pm

Alliance française du Bengale


A Butoh Dance and Baul Music show

Time : 7:00 pm

Duration: 30-40 minutes performance followed by a discussion with the artists

Venue : Alliance française du Bengale,
57A Park Mansion, Park Street

Free an open to all. Entry will be closed at 7:00 pm sharp. Entry on basis of first come, first serve

“La traversée des apparences 

La danse des failles

Le souffle des entres

La texture des sons 

La mémoire des vents” 

Butoh dance solo: Anandi, Anaïs Bourquin-Théâtre d’émotions

Live music 

Vocals & Ektara: Dipannita Acharya

Tribal instruments: Vinayaki NTS, Sarinda Niranjan Da

The dance and music show will be followed by a Q&A session with the artists

About Anaïs Bourquin:

Anaïs Bourquin is a butoh dancer and specialist in holistic medicine .

She grew up in Europe and Africa. Having graduated in Fine Arts (Pantheon Sorbonne Paris), she learned butoh dance from great masters in Europe and Japan (Atsushi Takenoushi, Yoshito Ohno, Akaji Maro -Dairakudakan company).

Since 2009, she has created public performances called “Théâtre d’émotions” combining visual art, danced body and healing sound. She has performed in France, Finland and Japan mostly. Her main projects are archived on her website www.anaisbourquin.com

In 2015, she left France to go to Mongolia. She became a pilgrim and nomadic artist (Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Bali, Japan, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala). Two years with Asian and Indian minorities, have driven her into a new approach of Art, Spirituality and Natural Medicine. A taste of the Deep Far East journey can be seen on Ayurvedance Facebook page.

In 2017, back to France, she conceived the Sapta Swara project and dedicated her life to spirituality. Sound and movement are the base of her approach. She receives people for individual healing sessions and performs with specific live music artists to share experiences of harmony and inner peace. More details and videos on the Facebook page Sapta Swara Project.

She is now in Bengal for the first time : her inner transformation is the cause of this sudden journey. One year ago, in Trivandrum, she met Parvathy Baul and became her student. Ever since, she has been learning the folk art of the Baul and is following this spiritual path (France, Hungary, India). The Fragrance of Surya Atman (Inner Sun) is a unique creation where the butoh dance meets the music of the baul tradition. This is not a performance but an expression of the healing potential that art and spirituality are giving to the human condition.

About Dipannita Acharya

Dipannita Acharya is a proficient and prolific artist  in the genre of folk music.Her magical rustic voice floats through the folk notes as she sings.

Her passionate and stirring voice is the fruit of her sincere and dedicated training in various  fields of music under the noble tutelage of her revered Gurus Pt. Binoy Bhattacharya, Ustad Waseem Ahmed Khan ,Abhijit Bose and Parvathy Das Baul.
So far she has performed nationally and internationally in different festivals, namely Sufi Sutra ,Sence of Sufi, Folk Route Festival, Gopi Talav Festival, Monte Music Festival ,Urkult Festival (3rd, 4th August 2018).
About Vinayaki NTS 
A graduate of the NSD, Nikita is working on the Indian traditional art forms of Kudiyattam and Baul, to explore her methodology of performance making. A practitioner of sound healing, she has been using Tibetan instruments to facilitate trauma handling workshops in juvenile correction centres and life skill workshops for young adults. She has had the good fortune of training under exceptional Gurus like Venu G, Parvathy Baul and Uhao Drolma. As a personal venture, she is now developing her own process of harnessing sound energy to manifest into healing performances in collaboration with other artists, through a study of the ritualistic origin of the first sounds uttered and the eternal hum of the universe.
About Niranjan Haldar

Born and brought up in a small village called Saptagram in the Hooghly district of Bengal, Niranjan Halder was influenced by the Baul tradition very young and took interest in the playing of the string instruments like dotara and sarinda. He is now part of a leading Bengali folk band named ‘Dohar’ and constantly travels from one place to another for performances. He aims to increase the accessibility of live Baul performances not only in Bengal but other parts of the world too.