Type: Event
Location: Dalhousie Institute
City: Kolkata
Date: Wed, 2011/12/07 – 8:00pm
Price: Free Entrance – Right of Amission Reserved
Category: Concert
Duration: 2 Hrs

Alliance Francaise du Bengale will kick off your night with an incredible blues of ‘Slow Joe and the Ginger accident’.  The band is the encounter of an old street singer known by the Times of India as “Cindrella Man” and a soul-blues quartet of young French musicians.

Joe, 68, comes from an island off coast of Goa, India. He lives and sleeps with the sun, taking life as it comes. People call him Slow Joe. Every day, Slow Joe sings improvised or written songs of his own. In July 2007, fate has it that he meets paths with Cédric de la Chapelle, a young French Musician. Cédric is instantly charmed by the genuine blues of Slow Joe’s voice and has him do some a cappella recordings. Back in France, he forms the soul-blues quartet The Ginger Accident with his friends, in order to write the music stemming from Slow Joe’s voice.

In 2009 Slow Joe & the Ginger Accident meet for the first time in life and on stage, at the Transmusicales Festival in Rennes, where they were unanimously dubbed the revelation of the prized French Festival by media like Le Monde, Times of India, Liberation ARTE, France 24, etc.

Slow Joe, charmed his French audience in March 2010 during two sold-out gigs (Epicerie Moderne / Lyon and Café de la Danse / Paris).This was just the beginning for Slow Joe, “Cinderella Man”, and now promising young recording artist.


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