City: Kolkata
Location: Nandan
Date: Wed, 2011/04/20 – 4:00pm – 8:00pm
Price: Free
Category: Film screening
Duration: 2 Hrs

Alliance française du Bengale has the pleasure to invite you to the

16th European Film Festival
Screening of



(by Marc Fitoussi, 2010)

On the occasion of the 16th European Film Festival, France
presents at Nandan II

Wednesday 20 April | 4 pm & 6 pm

“With Isabelle Huppert happy in her carefree little bubble, Babou
has never bothered about climbing the social ladder. But when her
daughter is too ashamed to invite her to her wedding she is given
cause to re-evaluate her lifestyle. In fact, so wounded is she that
she resolves to sell her timeshare apartments in Ostend. To win
back her daughter’s esteem, Babou decides to give her the wedding
present she truly deserves…”