In this four hour long immersion workshop you will get a deep insight into the 12 month long entrepreneurship program which is being launched by Alliance Francaise du Bengale and

TSFE – The School For Entrepreneurs with TotalStart Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Developers as a Knowledge Partner.

  • The first two hours of the workshop will give you some detailed insights into the practical methodology of creating and sustaining a propitable startup with real case studies where the ‘Practising Entrepreneur Mentor for the workshop’ was personally engaged
  • The second two hours of the workshop will share with you insights and deep down drilling of the reasons of ‘success and failure’ into creating a sustainable and profitable startup with real life examples, taken up from the participating startups if any or from real life case studies involving success and failure stories close at hand and where the ‘Practising Entrepreneur Mentor for the workshop’ was personally engage directly or indirectly
  • The session through out will be interactive in nature and at the end a focussed half an hour will be dedicated to personal questions and answers with reference to the participants life journey and journey as an entrepreneur

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