There is no other better medium to speak aloud than making a Film. With the digital boom, camera has become like a pen.

This workshop will be training the students the craft of writing with their camera. With my long experience in this field, I have come to terms with the fact that filmmaking is not only about knowing your theories right, nor knowing how to work with technology.It’s about bringing everything in the right place at the right time.

This is my season 3 with Alliance Francaise where I share my experience with budding professionals in this field by giving themhands on an intensive program.

The students will be working with me and getting a fix on the pre production for six long days. As we all know “ Film is made on the table”. So in 6 days session in AF the students will learn the techniques of ideation, budgeting, pitching the client/ Producer, Scriptwriting, screenplay and ultimately the warm-up session on production and post.

They will be given the freedom to shoot their own ideas with professional crews. In AF we will be having a show where the students will be getting the exposure to showcase their work. In front of an international jury, the best of the films will be selected.

Out of that the best of films will be streamed on Hoichoi who is the digital partner for the workshop.

The Agenda of this workshop:

  • Learn how to tell a story
  • Learn how to pitch
  • Compete with other creative minds
  • Learning the various techniques to support the art of storytelling
  • Getting the opportunity to be a part of a Film Production and working with industry professionals.
  • Getting an international platform to showcase their work.
  • Streaming their film through Hoichoi.


In this Season 3, Tinni Bhattacharya, the filmmaker and advertising professional in association with  Alliance Française du Bengale (venue partner) and Sister Nivedita University ( SNU) (educational partner) will provide the youngsters who aspire to make film, the complete experience to become the filmmakers of tomorrow.