Tailored to meet your specific needs, customised private lessons are ideal for busy schedules and will allow you to learn efficiently at your own pace.

Available online, at AFdB premises, at home.
Extra charges for tuitions at home: Rs. 500 per class.

Basic rate Evening (+20 %) Weekend (+50 %)
Internal student Rs. 499/h Rs. 599/h Rs. 749/h
External student Rs. 999/h Rs. 1199/h Rs. 1499/h

OFFER on external students rates: 10% discount if paying for 10 classes / 20% discount if paying for 20 classes.
Not applicable to internal students rate.

For more details, get in touch with us:

+91 86 9773 6768 (WhatsApp) / 33 4006 4801 / 33 4006 4802
[email protected]