Courses for Children and Teenagers


The new session for the children’s course will be starting on January, 2023.


Below are the details regarding the course:

Children’s class

  • Prim A1, Prim A2 (6 -11 years)
  • Junior A1, Junior A2(12-17 years)

Books :

  • Junior: Adomania
  • Prim: Loustics

Timings :

  • PRIM – Classes every Saturday  ( From 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM) Each session of 20 weeks.
  • JUNIOR – Classes every Sunday ( From 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM ) Each session of 20 weeks

Fees :

  • Prim: 9990/-
  • Junior: 11990/-
*Registration fee extra.

Modes – Online and Onsite available

Why Choose French for Your Children?
  • It has been proved that young brains learn easily and faster.  Offer your child the opportunity to widen his/her horizons from an early age!
  • French courses for children and teenagers have been developed on the basis of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages, an international standard that regulates language learning all over the world.
  • After 120 hours of a playful, interactive but rigorous French initiation course the student will be able to appear for the DELF PRIM (6 -11 years old) or the DELF JUNIOR (12-17 years old) exams, specially designed for them to attest their control over the language. The certificate after qualifying for the exam will be awarded by the French Ministry of Education.
  • It is a unique opportunity for your child to demonstrate his/her French language skills and to be rewarded with a worldwide recognized diploma in French for better career prospects.