Cultural Events


INTERNATIONAL MOTHER LANGUAGE DAY En effet, la Francophonie ne célèbre pas seulement la langue française mais promeut l’usage de toutes les langues… menacée ou non, au nom d’un impérialisme culturel et/ou nationaliste. L’Alliance française du Bengale, en partenariat avec le Consulat Général de France à Calcutta a participé avec plaisir à la journée internationale des langues maternelles organisée par la ... Read More »

Ethics and politics : A problematic continuity

A COLLEGE de FRANCE lecture ; “Ethics and politics : A problematic continuity” What kind of influence or coercion might be exerted on a human community so as to make it rally to a leader or, at least, accept a minimal degree of consensus? This is a question that was raised at a very early stage in China and has never ceased ... Read More »

Cine club : Du vent dans mes mollets

Du vent dans mes mollets (2012)    A film by Carine Tardieu SYNOPSIS : Stuck between her two parents who fill her up with love and meat, Rachel a nine year old girl is waiting for only one thing : the moment when she will get her freedom! Until the day she meets the crazy and fearless Valérie…   Read More »

Cine club : Camille redouble

Camille redouble (2012)  A film by Noémie Lvovsky   SYNOPSIS : Camille was only sixteen and still in high school when she fell in love with Eric, another student. They later married and a child and were happy for a while. But now twenty-five years have passed and Eric leaves her for a younger woman. Bitter and desperate Camille drinks so ... Read More »

India More : Christophe Chassol

Christophe Chassol has shot a film documenting daily life in Kolkata and Benares. This film forms the backdrop for a live performance India More, during which he mixes traditional Indian music and instruments with his personal chords and melodies to complement the sounds of the cities, and by these means creates an event that is part improvised musical composition, part ... Read More »

Cine club : Jules et Jim

       Trailer Jules et Jim (1962)  A film by François Truffaut   SYNOPSIS : In Paris, before WWI, two friends, Jules (Austrian) and Jim (French) fall in love with the same woman, Catherine. But Catherine loves and marries Jules. After the war, when they meet again in Germany, Catherine starts to love Jim… This is the story of three ... Read More »


  City: Kolkata Location: ICCR’S Rabindranath Tagore Centre, 9A  Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Kolkata 700 071  Date: From Fri, 2014/01/31 – 3:30pm to Fri, 2014/02/07 Inauguration, to be graced by Mr. Fabrice Etienne, Consul General of France in Kolkata, as chief guest, on 31st January 2014 at 3:30 pm at ICCR’S Rabindranath Tagore Centre, 9A  Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Kolkata 700 071  ... Read More »


City: Kolkata Location: 217, AJC Bose Road Date: Wed, 2014/01/29 – 6:00pm Price: Free Category: Film screening Duration:  98 mn   J’enrage de son absence (2012)  A film by Sandrine Bonnaire SYNOPSIS :  Touched to his depths of his being by the death of his child in a car accident nine years earlier, Jacques has lost his bearings. For this loss ... Read More »

Flagas’k in concert !

The Alliance Francaise du Bengale, in partnership with The Saturday Club, Caring Minds and Open Doors, is delighted to present Flagas’k in Concert   Since forming in 2006, this French band has been developing its own rich blend of French songs, brass, ska, reggae and rock. Although the band members are from disparate musical spheres, they are united by a ... Read More »