Cultural Events

Cine Club : Le roi et l’oiseau

Le roi et l’oiseau (1980)   A film by Paul Grimault SYNOPSIS : The huge kingdom of Takicardia is ruled by a king under the unwieldy title of Charles V + III = VIII + VIII = XVI. He’s a heartless ruler, hated by his people as much as he hates them. The king is fond of hunting, but is unfortunately cross-eyed ... Read More »

French Film Festival – Hommage à Patrice Chéreau

This year the French Film Festival, presented  by Alliance Française du Bengale and Bhowanipore Film Society Calcutta, celebrates Patrice Chéreau’s work. Two films from the famous french filmmaker and from Claire Denis and Catherine Breillat will be shown on the 16th, 18th and 19th April at Nandan 3.   Two films will be screening every day during the Festival: on 4:30PM and on 6:30PM. The ... Read More »

Danse dialogues : Cette Immense Intimité (Boundless intimacy)

The Alliance Française du Bengale, the Institut Français in Delhi and Rabindranath Tagore Centre Kolkata are pleased to present a unique production: Cette Immense Intimité (Boundless intimacy) which will bring the human body, moving image and structure together in a fascinating new dance form. Never before seen in Kolkata, it will create for the audience a new space in which to ... Read More »

Cine club : La Grande Illusion

  La Grande Illusion (1937)   A film by Jean Renoir SYNOPSIS : During 1st WW, two French officers are captured. Captain De Boeldieu is an aristocrat while Lieutenant Marechal was a mechanic in civilian life. They meet other prisoners from various backgrounds, as Rosenthal, son of wealthy Jewish bankers. They are separated from Rosenthal before managing to escape. A few ... Read More »

Cine club : Pierrot le fou

Pierrot le fou (1965)   A film by Jean-Luc Godart SYNOPSIS : Pierrot escapes his boring society and travels from Paris to the Mediterranean Sea with Marianne, a girl chased by hit-men from Algeria. They lead an unorthodox life, always on the run. Read More »

Cine club : La bataille de Solférino

La bataille de Solférino (2013)   A film by Justine Triet SYNOPSIS : May 6, 2012. Cable news reporter Laetitia is covering the French presidential elections, while Vincent, her ex-husband, demands to see their two young daughters. It’s a manic Sunday in Paris: two agitated girls, a frazzled babysitter, a needy new boyfriend, a grumpy lawyer and France cut in half! Read More »

France and the Francophonie : Launch of a New Magazine

French and Francophone studies are not restricted to the geographical domain of a country and its one time colonies. Rather it widens the horizon, where literature, culture, language, media, philosophy, history,socio political thoughts walk hand in hand. This journal aims to touch these donmains and dreams to work as a bridge. With this concept the articles on French and Francophonic ... Read More »

PHOTOGRAPHY : Women’s Issues

On the double occasion of the Month of Photography and on the International Women’s Day, the Alliance, in collaboration with the Railways Metro of Kolkata, present a exhibition of two international photographers, the French Viviane Dalles and the Indian Uzma Moshin. Viviane Dalles, (b. 1978) completed her Master in 2003 at the National School of Photography in Arles, France after ... Read More »

Cine club : Aujourd’hui

Aujourd’hui (2013) Trailer A film by Alain Gomis SYNOPSIS : Today is the last day of his life. He knows this to be true even though he is strong and healthy. Nonetheless Satché (played by American actor-musician Saül Williams) accepts his imminent death. Walking through the streets of his home town in Senegal he takes in the sites of his past ... Read More »

Death and Glory, Boys!

Concert/Storytelling/Illustrations Commemorating 100 years since the beginning of the First World War, Death and Glory, Boys! is a mise en scene of the war through a young soldier’s diary with on the spot illustrations, music and storytelling. Renowned French author and illustrator Barroux came across the discarded  first-hand memoirs of a French soldier’s experiences in the trenches of the First World War. He adapted this ... Read More »