Cultural Events

Safar-Nama: Journeys through a Kalamkari Hanging

  SAFAR NAMA, presented by Alliance française du Bengale in association with the Indian Museum, Ambedkar University,the  Craft Council-West Bengal, Les Amis de la France and Akar Prakar, is a journey through a Kalamkari Hanging. The 25 “Tapis Moghol” from Museum of Printed Textiles, Mulhouse- France, represent a visual mapping of a journey of ideas, concepts and symbols in the Kalamkari ... Read More »


The Victoria Memorial Hall and the Alliance française du Bengale invite you to a screening of Noise and Fury, a film by Jean-François DELASSUS. This is a documentary of World War I, exploring how soldiers accepted their conditions in the trenches when no clear reason had been given for the fight.   film courtesy : INPUT Society. Read More »

War and Colonies Exhibition

On the occasion of the commemoration of the centenary of outbreak of the First World War (1914-2014), the Alliance française du Bengale and the Victoria Memorial Hall invite you to the exhibition of photographs “War and Colonies“. With 35 rare photographs of colonial troops (African, North African, Irish, Indian and Indo-Chinese soldiers) during the Great War, the exhibition brings to focus ... Read More »

Black metal concert – Plebeian Grandstand

Friday 31 October 2014 at Princeton Club : Plebeian Grandstand concert. Opening set by “Not yet decided”. Plebeian Grandstand is a French four-piece metal band formed in Toulouse in 2005. Their music is a dissonant blend of black metal blasting, hardcore rage and chaotic atmosphere. After their first EP in 2008, first album in 2010, some 200 shows across USA, ... Read More »

Cine Club : Les femmes du 6e étage

Les femmes du 6e étage (2011)           A film by Philippe Le Guay SYNOPSIS Paris, in the early 1960s. Jean-Louis Joubert is a serious but uptight stockbroker, married to Suzanne, a starchy class-conscious woman. The affluent man lives a steady yet boring life. At least until, due to fortuitous circumstances, Maria, the charming new maid at ... Read More »

Cine Club : Americano

Americano (2011)           A film by Mathieu Demy SYNOPSIS His mother’s death suddenly calls Martin back to Los Angeles to deal with inheritance formalities, the town where he spent his childhood. Things become complicated when he discovers that his mother was very fond of a woman named Lola, who appears in her will. Martin goes to ... Read More »

Cine Club : Le Havre

Le Havre (2011)           A film by Aki Kaurismaki SYNOPSIS Marcel Marx, a former bohemian and struggling author, has given up his literary ambitions and relocated to the port city Le Havre. He leads a simple life based around his wife Arletty, his favourite bar and his not too profitable profession as a shoe shiner. Marcel’s ... Read More »

Cine club : Casque d’or

Casque d’or (1952) A film by Jacques Becker SYNOPSIS In an open-air dance hall, the members of Leca’s gang are relaxing with their ladies. One of them, Marie, aka “Casque d’Or” (Golden Helmet) meets Manda, a carpenter. Her man Roland belongs to the jealous kind, and Leca himself has his eye on her. A story of love, death, friendship and ... Read More »

“India, paintings and diamonds”, Olaf Van Cleef

The Alliance Française du Bengale and Oxford Bookstore invite you to a conference and interaction conducted by Olaf Van Cleef, a french artist and jeweler.         Counsellor on high range jewellery at Cartier since 1982, Olaf Van Cleef is above all an artist who has a passion for India. His style of painting is based on abstract ... Read More »


Within a few years, French cellist Christian-Pierre La Marca has attracted widespread attention for playing that combines natural virtuosic command with impassioned musicianship. The intensity of his playing receives regular acclaim, as does the spontaneity and sensitivity of his interpretations. Christian-Pierre enjoys the growing reputation of a musician who possesses exceptional versatility and integrity. His musical horizons are seemingly boundless ... Read More »