Cultural Events

Ciné club – César et Rosalie

César et Rosalie by Claude Sautet (1972) Since she has been divorced from Antoine, Rosalie is sharing her life with César. She had a little daughter with Antoine but it seems that she is the only link which still exists between them. Suddenly comes David who is an old lover and Rosalie inevitably falls in love with him again. Realizing ... Read More »

Jean du Voyage – Scratch workshop

Beatmaker, producer, turntablist and awarded DJ (DMC, IDA, TKO) Jean is a passionated musician who carries his turntables and vynils on stage since 1998. As a big traveller and a passionate of the cultures of the world, he takes rhythm and sounds from everywhere to create his music. His first album Mantra is composed with various guests who bring their ... Read More »

Ciné club – Ombline

Ombline by Stéphane Cazes (2011) Ombline who is a young woman of twenty years old had been condemned to three years in jail for a violent aggression. An event changes totally her life while she has lost her faith in a better future : she discovers that she is pregnant. She has to fight to keep her son as much ... Read More »

Screening of Pas son Genre at Basusree Cinema

For the eighth film of the French film cycle presented by the Alliance française du Bengale and l’Institut Français en Inde in collaboration with Basusree Cinema, we are happy to screen for you Pas son Genre [Not my type], by the French film director Lucas Belvaux. So, don’t forget to wake up on time, on Sunday 13th November 2016 and join us at 11 ... Read More »

Culture and Urban Economy : Seminar for Professionals

The French Embassy in India, the French Institute and the Alliance française organise a special seminar  “Culture and Urban Economy” on 11th and 12th November in Kolkata. NB : this seminar is meant for professionals and by invitation only                     Friday 11 November SUSTAINABLE SYSTEMS OF ECONOMY OF CULTURE 8h30-9h00                   Introduction ... Read More »

Kolkata International Film Festival

As part of the 22nd  Kolkata International Film Festival, French film director Catherine Corsini, accompanied by Grégoire Heztle,  music composer, comes to Kolkata for the screening of three of her films: Les Trois Mondes, Les Ambitieux and La Belle Saison. Together, they  will also conduct a workshop for young film directors.     SPECIAL SCREENING CATHERINE CORSINI CORSINI 3 ... Read More »

Ciné club – Ascenseur pour L’Échafaud

Ascenseur pour l’échafaud by Louis Malle (1957) Music by Miles Davis Julien Tavernier kills his boss with the help of his wife whom is also his lover. Once the murder has been done, Julien finds himself stuck in the elevator as he wanted to remove a compromising clue. While he does everything he can to get out of it, the two women ... Read More »

Romain Rolland and India : a Forgotten Dialogue

Alliance française du Bengale and ICCR are presenting a lecture on the occasion of the 150th birthday of Romaind Rolland, given by eminent author and French laureat, Prof. Chinmoy GUHA. I The dialogue between Romain Rolland and India, represented by its best minds, was not a meeting between the mythical East and the mythical West, but a fascinating cross-cultural encounter, ... Read More »

Ciné club – Papa Lumière

Papa Lumière by Ada Loueilh (2013) Jacques and Safi comes from Abidjan from where they have been repatriated in emergency. Safi who is a mixed origin person, had the habit of living with her mother and cannot stop thinking that her grand father took her away without any warning… TRAILER Read More »