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Date(s) - 12/03/2014
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

oxford book store


Everest-2010.-Ce-matin-10h15-Marc-Batard-part-sans-oxygene-vers-le-sommet_article_landscape_pm_v8This new revised edition of “Out beyond the summits” includes two new chapters, providing the book with even more significance in today’s society. Through his book, Marc Batard, the first man ever to have climbed Mount Everest in less than 24 hours without oxygen tanks, father of three and granddad of six, gives us the means to address and reflect upon some very sensitive issues he has dealt with over the course of his lifetime, such as money, motivation, renunciation, ethics, sexuality, homophobia and loyalty to name a few. An amateur painter at the age of 14, Batard gave up painting upon receiving some fairly unconstructive criticism from his drawing teacher, which would involuntarily allow Batard to lead an extraordinary life. Twelve years ago, the world-renown mountain climber set aside his high-mountain quest, finally returning to his brushes, and has since painted close to one hundred paintings. He also published his first, already sold-out novel “La fièvre des sommets” which should be back in print soon.



“Your book, “Out beyond the summits” deserves to be translated into every language in the world.” Gaby FunK– German journalist


“Summits are dead-ends, we can’t go beyond them, we have to turn away”. But coming out beyond the summits is another matter, and for that, we need Marc’s human experience as a climber, and here simply as a writer.” Erri de Luca – Italian writer

“There is more greatness in renunciation than in blind stubbornness. That is the lesson of humility and lucidity Marc Batard gives us through his story.” François René Duchable – French pianist