Bienvenue à l’Alliance française du Bengale!    স্বাগত আপনাকে আলিয়জ ফ্রাঁসেজ দ্যু বেঙ্গলে !          Welcome to Alliance française du Bengale !

Within the framework of  bilateral relations between India and France, Alliance française du Bengale in Kolkata since 1940 has been the pioneer  in sharing and establishing a bond through the common expression of Indo-French linguistic, literary and cultural confluence in the great-eastern region of India.

Alliance française du Bengale, affiliated to the international network of Alliance françaises in the world and recognized by the Embassy of France in India is the only official French language training, DELF-DALF and TCF examination, translation and cultural institute in this region. AfdB is also well-known as a space for documentation of French books, magazines, journals, music CDS and film DVDs to help you with in enhancing your horizon in the language.

The institute as a non-profit organization is driven by a Council of Administration, consisting of twelve local personalities, having, nonetheless, a close administrative link with France and is managed by one expatriate staff member, the Director nominated by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ambassador of France in India is an ex-officio member of the Council of Administration of the Alliance française du Bengale and traditionally delegates the Consul General of France in Kolkata to represent him.

This year in 2020 we are celebrating 80 years of AfdB’s existence in the Cultural Capital of India and this long history,   as well as the upcoming days, is a story that we are writing together with the Embassy of France in India, with the Consulate General of France in Kolkata, and with 13 other Alliance françaises in the country.

With an excellent team of expert Franco-Indian teachers along with a group of creative and efficient employees, we constantly aim to provide the best possible French language learning experience to our clients. On the other hand, exclusively authorized by the Embassy of France in India AfdB is the only official one-stop solution for quality French translation and interpretation service in West-Bengal and in Eastern region of the country.

With a long, rich history of cultural exchange Alliance française du Bengale continues to be the premier platform for cultural and artistic action specifically including French, Francophone and Indian artists who have, or whose work has, some French connection and remain within the French or Indo-French cultural context.

Through this website, we welcome you to have a detailed overview of our vast activities.

We look forward to hosting you soon and building a memorable association with you.

A très bientôt,

Nicolas FACINO (Director)