Date: 8th December, 2018

Time: 2-6 pm

Venue: Alliance Française du Bengale, Park Mansion, Park Street, Kolkata

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In this four hour long immersion workshop you will get a deep insight into the 12 month long entrepreneurship program which is being launched by Alliance Française du Bengale ( and

TSFE – The School For Entrepreneurs ( with TotalStart Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Developers ( as a Knowledge Partner.

  • The first two hours of the workshop will give you some detailed insights into the practical methodology of creating and sustaining a profitable startup with real case studies where the ‘Practising Entrepreneur Mentor for the workshop’ was personally engaged.
  • The second two hours of the workshop will share with you insights and deep down drilling of the reasons of ‘success and failure’ into creating a sustainable and profitable startup with real life examples, taken up from the participating startups if any or from real life case studies involving success and failure stories close at hand and where the ‘Practising Entrepreneur Mentor for the workshop’ was personally engaged directly or indirectly
  • The session throughout will be interactive in nature and at the end a focussed half an hour will be dedicated to personal questions and answers with reference to the participants life journey and journey as an entrepreneur

The Alliance française du Bengale in Kolkata is historically and naturally affiliated to the international network of the Alliances françaises in the world (813 Alliances françaises in 136 countries). Known, at first, as the Alliance française de Calcutta and renamed (in 2007) the Alliance française du Bengale in order to cover not only the capital but the entire territory of West Bengal as well, the Alliance française du Bengale is a cultural centre, a space for documentation (books, magazines, journals, music CDs & film DVDs, etc.) and a French language training institution. Like any Alliance française, the Alliance française du Bengale is a local society driving by a Council of Administration composed by eleven local personalities, having, nonetheless, a close administrative link with France, especially because its parent body – the Fondation Alliance française – is located in Paris, and also because it is managed by two expatriate staff members, the Director and the Course director nominated by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Alliance française du Bengale also receives a grant enabling it to organize various cultural events.The Ambassador of France in India is an ex-officio member of the Council of Administration of the Alliance française du Bengale and traditionally delegates the Consul General of France in Kolkata to represent him.

Fabrice PLANÇON (Director)

TSFE – The School For Entrepreneurs‘s unique program for 2 years discovers and develops THE RIGHT ASPIRANT with THE FIRE IN THE BELLY and THE DREAM IN THE EYES, chosen through a gruelling selection process to become an entrepreneur at the end of the 2nd year running an enterprise which is built with the foundation of a scalable enterprise, which can in due course be funded by both financial institutions and/or Angel or VC Funding with the running companies kick starting POC or next stage. The proof of the pie is in the pudding, so unless we do not get TSFE-ites to be be kickstarting on their startups which can possible scale to a certain level and for that it’s foundation is built, we do not believe we have delivered. Our Select Faculty Mentors are either high level intrapreneurs or entrepreneurs who are on their hard path of success and growth, and many serially failed and successful entrepreneurs who know best the path of entrepreneurship.
Undergraduates and Postgraduates in any discipline who wants to pursue the path of becoming an entrepreneur, be their own boss, have the opportunity to earn in crores, should positively explore TSFE – The School For Entrepreneurs’ 2 years elite program which promises to deliver to you the following, if you have the hard capability to walk in full stride with us and have real fire in the belly:

  • A running scalable and sustainable company at the end of 2 years
  • Initial Traction of revenue of up to Rs 10 lakhs at the end of the program
  • Sure Funding by Financial Institutions of up to Rs 1 crore
  • A certificate for successful program completion in Partnership with Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. Of India or Equivalent
  • In case a student is not keen to pursue a career in Entrepreneurship, with the experience gained through this program, a sure shot opportunity to be placed in a good company as an intrapreneur manager
  • This program is run by the best resources pulled from the Entrepreneurship World in India who are either established Entrepreneurs or top intrapreneur managers from leading companies in the country​.

Cornelia HEINEN (Director)