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1883 “The National Association for the promotion of the French language in the colonies and abroad” is created under the aegis of the ambassador, Paul Cambon.

          1884 The 10th of March is the exact date of foundation of the Alliance française de Paris. Several distinguished names feature on its Council of Administration, names, such as, Ferdinand de Lesseps, Louis Pasteur, Ernest Renan, Jules Verne, Armand Colin…
Barcelona is the first European Alliance française and the network in Spain is going to expand very rapidly. Africa also jumps on the bandwagon, as a pioneering branch of the Alliance française is opened in Senegal. Another branch opens later in Mauritius in the same year.
Then, thanks to the joint efforts by a group of friends, an Alliance française is set up in Mexico. The enthusiasm of Latin America for this new programme is not just a passing fancy.

          1886 The Alliance française is recognised officially by the government.

          1889 Asia swiftly follows the general trend, creating the first Alliance française in Asia:  in  Pondicherry (India).

          1890 An art teacher, Berthe Mouchette, sets up the first Australian Alliance française in Melbourne.

          1901 The Alliance française de Paris opens its doors to 516 students.

          1902 The Federation of the Alliances françaises of America is constitued at the Mac Gill University in Montreal, in Canada.

          1904 There are already 150 Alliances françaises in France and 450 abroad.

          1917 The first Alliance française in the West Indies is founded in the Dominican Republic.

          1940 The Alliance française de Calcutta is founded at 19 and 24 Park Mansions, 57/A Park Street.

          1999 A fire ravaged the century-old building. At present, Alliance française is located in two buildings: Khaleel Munzil, 217 A.J.C. Bose Road and 3 West Range.

          2005 A new Society, The French Association, is created replacing the Alliance française de Calcutta.

          2007 The French Association is renamed and becomes the Alliance française du Bengale.