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Specific Objectives

FOS : learn French with specific objectives

We wish to work more with corporate and multinational companies in Kolkata. Specific classes can be designed especially for you.

We can offer four kinds of programs:

  • French for tourism
  • French for hotels and restaurants           
  • French for business and corporate courses
  • French for technical and scientific purposes

The FOS package

A teacher from Alliance française du Bengale comes to your premises to evaluate your needs and to prepare a specific program for you (20h).
This same teacher then gives general French classes to your students according to their specific needs (40h).
Little by little, specific documents and working materials are integrated into the course. Intercultural aspects are approached too, as well as the global simulation.
The global simulation is a method based on role playing often used in classes with specific objectives. The evaluation of the students in such classes can be made using this giant role playing method. Certified results !