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Media Library

Head of Media Library : Ms. Sandhia Vasseur
Phone numbers: 033 4006 4804


The recently reorganized and updated library of the Alliance française du Bengale helps you to discover and improve your knowledge of the French culture and language. There are approximately 6250 documents that cater to your needs and interests.
Our collection aims at updating your knowledge of the French language and contemporary France. The library is equipped with a wide range of dictionaries, audio and visual aids. Our media library offers a glimpse into the world of French art, culture and literature, French magazines and civilization along with a number of Comics, books for children, CDs, and DVDs. You can also have unlimited access to online resources in French with the digital library Culturethèque.

Members and students are welcome to the new reception area, browsing among magazines and newspapers. They are also able to enjoy our gaming area, equipped with a PlayStation 4 and various videogames.
The media library is shaped into an L, one side of which is perfect for studying individually or in group. The other side is a corridor of books with reading or study tables. Students and members can use the Ipads provided by the library to browse through Culturethèque or improve their knowledge of the French language.
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Library timings:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

Library Membership

Library membership entitles a member to borrow 2 books, 2 comics, 2 back issues of periodicals for a period of 3 weeks and 1 CD & 1 DVD for 1 week.

Membership Form: Available at the Library Help Desk or here

With your membership card you get access also to the online library Culturethèque which you can find by clicking on this link :

Students of Alliance accessing Culturethèque on Ipads available in our media library

Students of Alliance accessing Culturethèque on Ipads available in our media library