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From beginner to advanced levels, our conversation classes focus on improving your spoken skills.


As for the pedagogical supports, they will be varied in nature: newspaper and magazine articles, audio and video sources, comic strips, extracts of films, etc.
Various themes that are related to the issues of day-to-day life as also those pertaining to the personal life of the students will be taken up.
A specific work on French phonetics, revisions on grammar points and vocabulary are regularly done through specific contexts.

discussionsDays and timings

The conversation classes are held for 8 weeks, 1h per week.

Conversation A1.2/A2.1: coming soon

Conversation A2.2/B1.1/B1.2:  coming soon

Conversation B1.3/B2:  Saturday 9am-10:00am

Conversation B2/C1: Saturday 11:30am-12:30pm

Weekday conversation classes timings coming soon.

Fees: Rs.1500